Entry #1

a new guy!!!!

2011-03-17 23:38:20 by chuliannara

jojooooo, hi! NG!! i'm an argentinian new guy, so be afraid!!!!

when i make something....

anyway, please, sorry if my english's bad, i didn't paid much attention to those school teachers.... escept the last one, who was really HOT!!!!

because i don't have a really cool computer and a really cool time to be animaiting anithing. i'll don't put to much things on NG, and probably will be the most in spanish.... SO LEARN!!!!

well, the last thing i'll say is... PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PUT THE GODDAMMED LOADING BARR!!!!

chulian, out


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2011-03-19 08:15:14

hahaha welcome

chuliannara responds: